See how each Desk Buddies set is made from scratch, packaging and all!
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It all starts with a few pieces of wire... I leave them semi-straightened because it gives each set unique characteristics.

The wire is then wrapped in special jigs I created from my original hand-made set to give the Desk Buddies their initial shape.

Now that the bodies are shaped, I'll create their heads!

The heads are made by being bent around a vice's handle and a socket in its grip.

The finished heads. Their necks will be trimmed later before soldering.

Next it's time to trim and straighten the bodies!

Now I'm ready to start soldering the three pieces of each finished body together, which can be very tricky.

Once completed, the Buddies will get an alcohol bath and are later clear-coated to keep them shiny.

Here are some finished Desk Buddies! Now on to creating their packaging...
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3