See how your Robot Protector sets are created, packaging and all!
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Some of the things required to create a Robot Protector kit...

First I measure, trim and straighten the wires that will become the robot 'body blanks'

All the wires roughly straightened

Giving each 'blank' their initial shape

First stage of the 'body blanks' complete

Transitioning from first stage to second stage

Second stage and 100 'body blanks' complete!

Ready to cut and trim what will become the magnetic robot bases

Cutting the bases to size

More of the cutting process

24 Robot Protector bases ready for drilling!

Drilling the hole for the magnet

More drilling

Bases ready for painting!

Painting the wooden bases

Wooden bases painted!

12 bases complete and 12 more in progress of being painted

Printed assets for the magnetic bases and chest-plates

The graphics after trimming

In their plastic pouches and ready for lamination

Parts laminated!

Laminated parts trimmed to final sizes

A stack of trimmed base-plate graphics

The black painted bases and their graphics

Trimming the chest-plate graphics

Half-way through the trimming process

A stack of trimmed chest-plates

Parts for the magnetic chest-plates

Creating the spacers and magnetic backers

Attaching the magnetic backer to the foam mounting tape spacer

The magnetic backers trimmed and ready for mounting

All the primary chest-plates nearly finished

Completed chest-plates (still more to make for the custom versions)

Some of the finished magnetic bases drying upside-down on the work table

The printed graphics for the packaging backboards

Cutting the posterboard to size

The rough-cut backboards ready for the graphics

The glued graphic and backboard in the flatening / drying process

A squished backboard drying beneath a book

Some of the dried backboards ready for trimming

A stack of backboards before the cutting process

Trimming the packaging to size

All the robot package backboards completed

All the packaging and accessories complete
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3