See how your Robot Protector sets are created, packaging and all!
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Ready to begin making the robot heads!

Parts needed to build a robot head

Breaking down the circuit boards

Half-way through making the head boards

Snapping the boards to the final head size

All the rough heads fabricated

All the heads are then filed down

The heads after filing

Next, the straps and neck 'post' are made

More of the neck-making process

They are then attached to the 9v connector

All the necks attached

Trimming the necks to size

All the necks trimmed

Soldering the neck to the head

All the heads attached!

Adding the resistor 'lips'

All the lips added

Adding the right eye to the circuit

Half-way there!

All the left eyes added to the circuit!

The trimmed 9v leads ready to be stripped and soldered

All the 'green' robot heads now tested and complete!!

All the robot heads completed

The custom chest-plates printed

Custom chest-plates laminated

Attaching the magnetic backers

All custom chest-plates complete

A picture of the workbench so far

Close-up of the completed heads and chest-plates

Creating the certificates

Gluing the certifactes to the posterboard

Some certificates 'squished' between books and drying

Trimming the dried certificates

A page of certifactes after trimming

A stack of blank certificates ready
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3